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Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Norman Franklin has always had the passion and the drive to be a storyteller. After years of performing as an actor in musical theater, Norman decide to turn his direction to film and television
Norman Franklin is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where he received his B.A. in Film and Video with a concentration in Directing.
Among his achievements are short three films:

NATASHA, which we wrote and directed, is a comedy about his first crush at nine years old and his relationship with his mother.
His second film was DAVID’S BROTHER. He also wrote and directed it. This movie tells the story of a young man’s struggle as he returns home from basic training and tries to reconnect with his family and childhood.

Norman’s senior thesis film and the most successful one he has directed was BEAST. This film is a story about the love/hate relationship between a spoiled young girl and her new pet, a cuddly dog. BEAST has appeared at many different film festivals including: Sundance (Columbia special screening 2011), Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival (2011) and New York International Film Festival (2011). BEAST also aired on PBS in the spring of 2011.

During his time at the Sundance Film Festival Norman Franklin was one of the main subject matters of the documentary film Taking Park City. Taking Park City is a documentary that follows the journey of two Columbia College Chicago alums as they journey to what is referred to as the rough terrain of the industry via the gateway lenses of the Sundance Film Festival.
Thanks to a strong recommendation from the chair of the Film and Video Department, Bruce Sheridan, Norman has been fortunate enough to have had an intern position with director Ron Howard for his film, “The Dilemma”. He was Ron Howard’s intern/shadow.
Norman’s passion to write and direct films have led him on many projects and many different places, meeting many different people. Norman continues to write and develop scripts that he plans on producing and directing himself; this includes feature films and television pilots.